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separation is a multimedia event for bassoon, violin, movement, and live sound processing,
performed by Mari Garrigue (SK), Cameron Anderton (SCT), and Ana Luisa Diaz de Cossio (MX). separation focuses on deconstructing the action or state of moving apart into emotional, political, geographical, and conceptual perspectives. The aim of the work is to educate, and to create a connection between collective and audience in order to address dehumanization rooted in destructive forms of separation, particularly in the wake of certain global tensions.
separation bears personal significance to everyone, but it is with its universal, uncompromising values that we can identify with each other. Our goal is to share personal interpretations of separation, letting ourselves become inspired by both personal connotations and shared senses. Through experimentation with physical separation alongside more conceptual visions of such, executed through sound and movement, we wish to create a space in which to communicate and connect with the audience in a new, expressive way. Our aim is to dissolve hierarchical structures present throughout all artistic mediums and communities, with the intention of reshaping the role of, and relationships between, artists and audience.

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